Featured Talks - MindSee's affiliates visiting HIT in Padova

David Kirsh, Professor and past chair of the Department of Cognitive Science at UCSD and Benjamin Blankertz,  Professor at TU Berlin with a chair in Neurotechnology were recently invited by The Human Inspired Technology Lab in Padova to present their work as part of HiT's Featured Talks.

Both Professors are affiliated with the MindSee project: Professor Kirsh is member of the Advisory Board, while Prosessor Blankerts is one of the partners in the Consortium. His talk gave an overview of the current state of BCI technology beyond medical applications and outline a path to explore and foster this direction of research toward realistic applicability. Blankertz is also this year's organiser of the International Workshop on Symbiotic Interaction. Having participated to last year's workshop as a key note speaker, Prof. Kirsh explored the basic principles of symbiotic using examples from evolution, contextual robotics, and devices that support disintermediation and distributed and augmented cognition. 

Their visit to Padova was one of the many examples of collaboration that the project seeks in order to disseminate results and strengthen collaboration between universities in Europe as much as overseas.