PESE workshop - Personalizing Search: From Search Engines to Exploratory Search Systems

The PESE 2014 workshop (Personalizing Search: From Search Engines to Exploratory Search) was held as part of UMAP 2014, the 22nd Conference on User Modelling, Adaptation and Personalization on Monday July 7th, 2014 in Aalborg, Denmark. PESE was organised as a joint workshop with PMIA (Personalised Multilingual Information Access); the two formed PIA14: Personalized Information Access Workshop.

The PESE workshop, organised in collaboration with the MindSee project,  emphasised the discussion on the field of exploratory search as well around other kinds of search personalization and aimed at bringing together researchers from multiple fields such as information retrieval, user modelling, exploratory search, information visualization, recommender systems, and psychophysiology, among others. A call for papers was organised; topics of interest included: visualization approaches, implicit interaction and relevance approaches, harvesting of profile of users from history of interaction approaches, context-awareness approaches, combining recommender and retrieval systems approaches, physiological interfaces for implicit relevance feedback approaches.

The final program was made available on the PESE website:

An organising as well as a program committee was set up. The latter, peer-reviewed all papers (each by at least by two members), which were submitted through the EasyChair Conference System.

Accepted papers were published online in CEUR-WS UMAP Workshop and poster proceedings - now available here: