Information-seeking behaviors of academics - MindSee Survey

With the emergence of electronic literature resources, researchers have begun to adopt new, alternative information-seeking practices. Even though there have been studies investigating  the behavioral changes of academics with the electronic dissemination of scientific  information, there is a lack of understanding in many other aspects of bibliographic search.  

As part of the MindSee project, the University of Helsinki in collaboration with University of  Padova is currently conducting research in order to further investigate the topic and look into  the scientific information-seeking behaviors of academics.  Findings from this research will be used to propose guidelines on:

a) The most important information to be visualized for scientific searches

b) The need for different layers of information according to expertise of the searcher

c) How to support serendipitous bibliographic searches

d) New metric for calculating the academic value of a research article

If you are a researcher or student please take part to our survey: 

It only takes a few  minutes; your contribution would be invaluable for our research.

Thank you!