D1.1 - Final report on usage scenario and requirements

D1.2 - Report on usability tests and on relevant dimensions and metrics of user experience

D2.1 - Report on the comparison of fixation-related potentials and stimulus-onset related potentials

D2.2 - Report on HCI-related cognitive responses that can be detected in the EEG

D3.1 - Report on the probabilistic data model for documents, and its use in the system

D3.2 - Multisource fusion-based user relevance model and its use

D4.1 - User interface design and mock up of MindSee application

D4.2 - Prototype of MindSee Application

D5.1 - First measurement data set for machine learning

D5.2 - Report on system performance testing

D6.1 - Dissemination plan, materials and tools

D6.2 - Dissemination, Collaboration and Exploitation report

D6.4 - Project website opened for public