PESE workshop - Personalizing Search: From Search Engines to Exploratory Search Systems

The PESE 2014 workshop (Personalizing Search: From Search Engines to Exploratory Search) was held as part of UMAP 2014, the 22nd Conference on User Modelling, Adaptation and Personalization on Monday (July 7th, 2014) in Aalborg, Denmark. PESE was organised as a joint workshop with PMIA (Personalised Multilingual Information Access); the two formed PIA14: Personalized Information Access Workshop.

The PESE workshop, organised in collaboration with the MindSee project,  emphasised the discussion on the field of exploratory search as well around other kinds of search personalization and aimed at bringing together researchers from multiple fields such as information retrieval, user modelling, exploratory search, information visualization, recommender systems, and psychophysiology, among others...

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Emerging Neurotechnologies That Will Shape the Future

The latest foresight study from Policy Horizons Canada (a predictive planning organisation within the federal government) examins how digital, bio, nano and neuroscience technologies will shape the Canadian economy and society over the next 10 to 15 years, but its effects are likely to be similar in other areas of the world too. The study, titled MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies, include insights from more than 90 experts from government, the private sector, civil society and academia in the areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology and neuroscience.

The report is structured around 6 areas of technological research and the relative interdependent technologies that are likely to have an impact on society and economy. One of the 6 areas is Neurotechnology and Cognitive Technology (see Infographic below). Of this, three main areas have been pointed out as key for accelerating change:  Neural Network Computing, Extended Cognition and Neural Interfaces...

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37th Annual ACM SIGIR CONFERENCE - paper accepted

SIGIR 2014 is a six days papers, posters, demonstrations, tutorials, workshops and social events focused on research and development in the area of information retrieval, also known as search. The conference will bring together several hundred researchers, academic faculty, students, industry leaders and others. 

A paper from MindSee partners has been accepted and will be presented on Wednesday July the 9th (session 5) titled : Predicting Term-Relevance from Brain Signals.

Program booklet available here:

See you in Gold Coast, Australia!

Symbiotic 2014 - deadline extended! Proceedings will be published by Springer

The International workshop on Symbiotic Interaction will take place in Helsinki on October 30-31st.  The deadline for submitting Research Papers, Demos and Posters has been extended to  the 12th of July (July 10th for abstract). Check the Symbiotic2014 website for further information. 

Researchers contributing to the workshop will be making foundational contributions to a nascent and emergent community and are invited from a variety of fields including...

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Information-seeking, curiosity, and attention: computational and neural mechanisms

An interesting review paper recently published in Trends in Cognitive Science,  looks into the area of information-seeking from three traditionally separate fields:

  • machine learning,
  • eye movements in natural behavior,
  • and studies of curiosity in psychology and neuroscience. 

Although they use different terminology and methods, these three lines of research grapple in fact with strikingly similar questions and propose overlapping mechanisms. Understanding and recognizing recent developments in the area of information seeking from these points of view is of great interest to MindSee and very close to the solution that the project proposes for advancing in the field.

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International Workshop on Symbiotic Interaction

The third International Workshop on Symbiotic Interaction (SI) will take place in Helsinki on the 30th and 31st of October 2014. Submit your abstract now - deadline approaching!

Organised by the MindSee project consortium, the workshop brings together researchers and practitioners interested in investigating a novel generation of symbiotic relationships between humans and computers .

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Exploratory and Contextual Search with Interactive Intent Modelling

The 4th International Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) has recently been held in Copenhagen, bringing together researchers from the machine learning, cognitive engineering, human-machine interaction, pattern recognition, statistical signal processing in an effort to promote and encourage cross-fertilization of ideas and tools.

The workshop featured, among others, one of MindSee partners: Prof Kaski (Aalto University and University of Helsinki, Finland) where he was keynote speaker with a presentation titled: Exploratory and Contextual Search with Interactive Intent Modelling (slides available here).

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Theories, methods and current research on emotions in library and information science, information retrieval and human–computer interaction

Emotions are an integral component of all human activities, including human–computer interactions. 

This interesting article  by Irene Lopatovskaa, Ioannis Arapakisb (2011) reviews literature on the theories of emotions, methods for studying emotions, and their role in human information behaviour. It also examines current research on emotions in library and information science, information retrieval and human–computer interaction, and outlines some of the challenges and directions for future work.

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